Must Have Pieces of Jewelry

You can never get enough of jewelry. Women  can never get over the obsession of piling up their jewelry collection and adding everything that appeals. They are born and made this way. However, there are still some must have pieces of jewelry that should be present in every jewelry box out there in the world. These essential pieces will help you get through routine events and even special ones in grace and style. You can collect these pieces at home or set them aside if you are travelling and need some essentials to take along.


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    Ear studs:

    You can pull off any show confidently with stud earrings. They can be worn literally everywhere, from work to party. You should have ear studs in basic neutral colors as well as in the color of most of your dresses. Studs give  a smart and finished look.

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    Get a metallic cuff in silver or gold color to wear in your wrists. Cuffs spice up things for you and set you in the mood. If you think cuffs are too heavy or clunky, get a classy bangle set or bracelet.

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    Cocktail ring:

    Make a bold statement with a cocktail ring that gives you a classy yet sexy touch to everything you wear. In addition to the cocktail ring, you can make yourself a simple silver/gold/platinum that you can wear at all times.

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    Hoops look good on everyone, no matter what age group they belong to. A pair of silver or golden hoops can change your entire look. They can be with embellishments or pain simple but they never fail to give a classic look.

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    A watch is a jewelry piece that can serve you for years with style. Invest on it and choose something delicate and with a statement of its own. Not only will you help you keep be organised and reach meetings on time but will also give a classy touch to your wrist. Wrist watches are available in simple strap form and with different embellishments like pearls and diamante. It all depends on how you carry it.

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    A chain:

    A simple gold or silver chain with a pendant of neutral color can complete the look for you. You can keep the chain the same and keep alternating the pendants according to your outfit. Pendants are available in fancy, funky and classy designs in large variety.

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