How To Custom Tailor Your Clothes

Only you and you alone have the information on how you wish your clothes to fit on you. You can go to a professional tailor who will do what you ask him to do, and do a decent enough job. However, a number of times they will disappoint you and you would wish to tailor the clothes yourself the next time. Sometimes, they will make clothes that will not fit you the way you want them to. Moreover, in order to tailor your own clothes, you just need to have basic sewing knowledge such as how to run a sewing machine and how to thread a needle.


  • 1

    Leave out the unnecessary clothes

    Get rid of the clothes that you will not be using under the garment or garments you are customising.

  • 2

    Make the measurements after putting on the undergarments

    Wear all the undergarments, blouses or other pieces of clothing that you want to wear with the tailored outfit or clothes that you are tailoring. This is done because you will most certainly put on something under the main dress. For example, if you are tailoring a suit, you will wear a vest, underwear and a dress shirt before you wear the suit.

  • 3

    Measure the length of the clothes

    Calculate the hem length of pants, skirts or dresses by turning the bottom of the clothes either up or under the wanted number of inches and identifying the place to be tailored.

  • 4

    Use a perfect fit garment for measurements

    You can also make use of a previously finished edge of a cloth if it matches the same length you desire the garment you will be tailoring to be. Just replicate the waistband or top of the both garments exactly, then mark where the hem of the previously customised garment placed on the other one.

  • 5

    Mark the clothes carefully

    Use various other marking methods or pins to display where else other than the hem the garment needs to be tailored. Mark clothes that require to be made smaller. In order to do this, you need to know how much garment needs to be cut or stitched up. Identify clothes that require to be extended so you can tell where to re-sew the clothes after the initial stitches have been hidden. A thread and needle can help hand-sew hems or do little tailoring jobs. Use the sewing machine to carry out big tailoring jobs.

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