How to Tie a Bow Tie

Think you have just bought a perfect formal suit? Well if you do not know how the right bow to go with it or how to tie the bow, you might just mess out your overall look. A bow tie is very easy to carry and are best formal and  high-class parties, weddings and social gatherings etc. although it is very easy to carry a bow tie but tying a bow is an art and more difficult than tying a necktie. However, we have very simple steps for you to make you adept of the fine art of tying a bow tie. What you have to do is practice the methods until you get use to it. as it is well said, “practice makes a man perfect.”


  • 1

    Adjust the length of the bow tie until it first your neck. Keep changing the length until you feel comfortable. Keep the length longer if you like a large bow tie.

  • 2

    Keep one end of your bow tie longer than the other end by a slight difference of few inches. Make sure that the long end is on your right side.

  • 3

    Now, gradually cross the longer end of your bow tie over the shorter end.

  • 4

    Concentrate and bring the longer end of the bow tie right underneath the shorter end. Now, carefully bring the longer end out from the centre.

  • 5

    Grab the shorter end of your bow tie and fold it horizontally.

  • 6

    Now, place the longer end of the bow tie over the short end.

  • 7

    Repeat step five.

  • 8

    Put the longer end of the bow tie through the loop at the back of the shorter end.

  • 9

    Pull both ends of your bow tie gently to tighten the knot. Fix the position of the bow tie.

  • 10

    After tying a bow tie successfully, it is time to days out all the beautiful ladies in the party.

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