How to Make a Katy Perry Peacock Costume

If you are a big Katy Perry fan, then you must have at least thought of making a Katy Perry peacock costume. Perry is known for wearing peacock costume at different occasions. In India, she performed at the Indian Premier League’s opening ceremony in 2012, where she came on the stage with a beautiful peacock costume. At that time, she stunned everyone present in the ceremony, along with her fans who were watching her on TV. So, if you are one of them, then you must want to have the same peacock costume. If that is the case, then you do not need to get worried, as you can easily create almost the same costume with a little effort of your own.


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    Visit a nearby market and buy a blue and red leotard. You can buy the leotard with or without glitter, depending on your own choice. Also buy some amount of stick on jewels and use them to write “Katy” on the side of the leotard you just bought.

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    You will also need a blue coloured belt that fits you. If you find a good belt which you like and it does not fit you well, then you can ask the shopkeeper to adjust to your size. Usually, the belts can easily be adjusted by making extra hole in the belt or cutting off the extra piece from the buckle side.

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    Visit a nearby craft store and buy around 20 big peacock feathers. You can now use hot glue to stick the feathers with your belt and wait for about 10 minutes to allow the glue to get dry.

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    You should also buy a blue wig, which you will wear after you wear the Katy Perry peacock costume. Blue hair colour is something that most women will try to avoid to be used in regular routine. Therefore, using the blue coloured wig will be the best option. Moreover, you should also buy peacock feather earrings.

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    Also buy a cordless microphone and write “Katy” by using the same jewels that you used to write the name on the leotard.

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    Buy a peacock statue and a blue coloured headband. Use the glue to stick the statue on the headband and wait until the statue firmly sticks on it. Wear everything and you will look like Katty Perry.

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