How to Layer Clothes for Winter

Cold weather brings many fashion challenges. You need to look trendy yet keep yourself warm. If layers are worn, insulation help to keep the body warm. It also gives you the option to take off some layers when you go inside or the weather changes all of a sudden. Layering is one of the easiest ways to protect you against the harsh conditions. The tips below will help you to dress up perfectly for winters wearing the appropriate amount of layers.

Things Required:

– Coat

– Boots

– Hat

– Gloves


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    First you need to decide the number of layers you will need. If the weather is not very harsh, you could wear less layers. If a lot of variation in temperature is expected then you can put on more layers while going out and then take them off. Start with the inner most layers: socks, underwear and undershirt are essential. Go for long woolen underwear if the temperature falls below zero. The socks also need to be thick to protect you against the cold wind.

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    After wearing the undershirt, wear a cotton shirt on top. The shirt doesn’t need to be too tight or extra baggy. There should be a little air between the layers so that there is needed insulation. This will trap the air which will keep you warm. Wear corduroy or denim pants as they are thick materials and protect against the cold very well. If there is forecast for rain, buy a pair of rain pants.

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    Wear a sweater over your shirts, the sweater should be of a larger size than the shirt to trap the air. The sweater shouldn’t be so thick because a jacket will come over it. If you will be spending time outdoors, wear long winter boots. If there is ice or snow in your area, wear materials which are waterproof. Shoes without traction should be avoided. You do not want to injure yourself by slipping on the ice.

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    The final layer ends your dressing. Wear an overcoat to keep you protected. Also you need to keep your hands and head warm. Wear a raincoat or a wind breaker which suits the weather conditions. Your head will be covered with a hat and earmuffs will keep the ears from getting a chill. A scarf will cover your neck. It is very important to keep the head cover as it catches cold very quickly. Also wear matching gloves to keep your hands covered.

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