How to Connect a Lanyard to a Hat

The weather is windy and you want to roam across the lush green garden but you are fond of wearing your cap everywhere you go and the problem that you are facing is that the cap repeatedly blows off your head. You are getting a bit angry but instead of being expressing your anger, you can just find a way out to solve the issue and stop your cap from blowing of your head on a windy day. It also goes for the sportsman who are out there in the courts or grounds and playing a sport like cricket, lawn tennis or golf. They also wear caps and face the same problem on a windy day. Some of you might have thought of it already but others are still considering a solution for this issue. So, those who fall in the latter category should continue reading the article to find a way out from this problem. Keep you cap on your head and don’t let it blow away on a windy evening because those with a bald head might not want this to happen as their reputation is on the stake. You will require a lanyard; preferably something with an alligator clip.


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    Get the lanyard as discussed earlier and keep it with you on windy days. You have to clip up the lanyard at the back of your cap (the place where the cap strap is present used to tighten or loosen the cap to fix it on the head). Clip the lanyard with that part of the cap.

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    Wear the cap but make sure that you put the lanyard facing the other way then it is normally worn. It will just be like around the neck surrounded by the extension. It will look like that you are wearing a cowboy hat because the lanyard will come across to the front side of your neck. One strip of your lanyard should go from the right of your neck while the other one should go from the left.

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    The lanyard should surround your neck and when the wind blows off your cap off your head, the extension of the lanyard will allow the cap to travel a distance before it is pushed back with the tension in the lanyard that is wrapped around your neck. The cap will always be hooked around your neck, so you can retrieve it when it goes off your head.

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