How to Shrink Polyester Clothing

Do not sit there grumbling and wishing that your favorite shirt was of any other material like cotton and wool which would shrink easily. Polyester is as good as any other material. Whether it is your shirt or pant that you want to shrink to get the perfect fit, you can achieve it with polyester. It is of course harder than cotton and wool because of the difference in fiber material, but still you can do it following a simple rule, i.e. polyester shrinks with heat.

Shrinking polyester is really easy and follows the old age procedures with little modification. Our step by step guide is here to help with the entire process of getting you perfect fitting clothes.


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    Sort out the clothes:

    Separate the polyester clothes that you want shrink. Clear away any wrappers or any left overs in the pockets just like any other was. Turn the clothes inside out as it helps them retain their color during the hot wash.

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    Give Them a Hot Wash:

    Put the clothes in the washing machine. Put only the polyester clothes you want to wash in this load. Set the wash temperature to the highest because we are using heat here to shrink the fabric. The hotter the water, the better results you get. You will have to ignore the instructions on the labels of the clothes because you are altering the nature of the clothes.

    Let the clothes complete the entire wash time.

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    Dry Them Hot for Final Touch:

    As soon as the clothes complete the wash time, transfer them to the dryer . Turn the dryer to the highest heat option, following the same principal as in the wash.  Keep the clothes in the dryer until they go completely dry. The process will not be effective if you take them out damp.

    Try the clothes on and gauge the difference. You might have to repeat the process to get more visible results. The more you wash, the more the clothes will shrink.

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