Removing Sweat Stains from Clothing

While sweat stains are always more visible on white garments, in the form of dirty yellow underarm patches and collar rings, these stains can also gather on clothing of other colours. If not treated effectively, these stains can develop into dark marks overtime, which can be increasingly hard to remove.

These stains are caused by the aluminium compounds in our deodorants and antiperspirants, which mix with the proteins from our sweat to create dark marks on fabric. In order to treat this nuisance, a few simple and effective methods can be employed at home – using a few common household items, you can whip up a sweat stain remover in no time, and use this to rid your clothing of any marks and discoloured patches.

Things Required:

– The sweat stained clothing
– Baking soda
– An old toothbrush
– Hydrogen peroxide
– A washing machine and good-quality laundry detergent


  • 1

    Treat the stain

    In order to treat the stain, prepare a solution that is 1 part lukewarm water and 1 part hydrogen peroxide. Soak the stain in this solution for 30 minutes. After this time period has elapsed, allow the shirt to air dry naturally. Once it is dry, the sweat stain on your clothing should have pretty much vanished.

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    Still stained? No worries!

    More stubborn stains have withstood the treatment outlined above, so do not panic if the stain refuses to budge, even after being soaked in the potent peroxide solution. Take baking soda and slowly add warm water to it until it becomes a thick, spreadable paste. Once it reaches the desired consistency, dip a toothbrush into this mixture, and apply the paste on the stained area. Rub with the toothbrush in gentle circles, and allow the mixture to stay on the garment for around 30 minutes. Then, run it through a cycle in the washing machine with cold water.

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    Check before drying

    Before placing the garment in the dryer, make sure the stains have been completely removed. Hot temperatures can cause stains to settle into fabric, making them more pronounced and thus difficult to remove. It is not advisable to put a stained shirt in the dryer, if attempting to remove a stain. If the stain refuses to fade, repeat steps 2 and 3 until it comes off – then, you can safely put the garment in the dryer.

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