How to Make Macrame Jewelry

The process of knotting cords and ropes together to make different things is called macrame. If you learn to use this skill efficiently, you can make countless things and your range is decided only by your imagination. Macrame is used for different purposes as some use this art to create decorative things like curtains, rugs, covers and bags. One of the most effective usages of macramé is jewelry as you can use a little imagination and a small rope to make necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pins. This is an extremely cost-effective and a skilful art, which can also help you earn a decent livelihood.

Things Required:

– Hemp cord
– Small plastic beads
– Six wooden beads


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    Macrame Bracelet

    According to the size of the wrist of the intended wearer, you need to cut the length of the cord, plus a little extra before stringing the beads on the cord. With a square knot, both the ends of the cord need to be tied together. However, you need to keep in mind that right should be over left and the left should be over right.

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    Macrame Keyring

    Cut a couple of lengths of hemp cord about three yards each. Fold both lengths of rope in half and place the loop over the keyring. Tighten both ends of the rope after you put them through the loop. This knot is called half-hitch. You should repeat the same process with the other length of the cord. Hanging from the keyring, you will want four strands of cord. You can now label these strands of cord from left to right. It can be anything (like A, B, C & D).

    You need to cross A over B and C before crossing it under D. Cross D on top of B and C and then over A. Now you need to tighten it nicely. Now cross A over B and C once again and then under D. Having brought D under B and C, bring it over A before tightening it to complete a square knot.

    You are required to make another three square knots before you string a wooden bead on strands B and C. Add another wooden bead after making a square knot, which should be directly under the bead. Once again, you will have to cross A over B and C, and under D. Tie another three square knots before binding all the loose ends together into a big overhand knot. If you wish, you may trim the ends.

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