How to Care for Pewter Jewelry

Pewter Jewelries are back into fashion and are rocking the world of jewelry making. They have a unique shine reminiscent of silver and are a bit heavy in weight. These elegant jewelries have the versatility and prettiness, and are much cost-effective as compared to silver or gold jewelries. The regular Pewter Jewelries are easy to carry as they are non-allergic and stylish. You can put them on various formal and casual occasions. Their silvery-gray admixture makes them unique choice to match all most all colors of clothing.

Care for Pewter Jewelry is very necessary in order to preserve the shade it originally came with and to make it looking fabulous for longer period of time. All it takes to care for this jewelry is; a basic know-how and a little bit of time.


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    Take Care of Pewter Jewelry’s Storage

    Although Pewter Jewelry look very tough, but in reality, it is a very soft metal that is easily bendable. It takes no time to get scratched or broken if not stored properly. Therefore, make sure to place your Pewter Jewelry in a dry and clean jewelry box.

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    Wrap your Pewter Jewelry properly

    Use a clean soft piece of cloth or an acid-free non-dyed tissue paper to nicely enfold your Pewter Jewelry in order to prevent the possible nicks and scratches. It also helps in protecting your jewelry from the invisible dust particles that can make it look old or dull.

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    Heat is the biggest enemy of your Pewter Jewelry

    Make sure to keep your Pewter Jewelry away from the sources of heat like heaters, stove and direct sunlight. This jewelry has a low melting point and, therefore, it can easily get tarnished and deformed.

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    Keep Pewter Jewelry away from acidic substances

    Acidic substances can endearingly ruin the actual color of your Pewter Jewelry. Remove all your jewelries and set aside while handling the acidic substances.

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    Clean Your Pewter Jewelry

    Cleaning the Pewter Jewelry is another nice idea to care for its color and look. Given below are the two simple methods to clean it:

    For rough or dark finish: Place a piece of nonabrasive dish soap in lightly warm water and stir until it dissolves completely and forms a lathered mixture. Dip a brush’s tip or a sponger in the solution and gently rub it against the Pewter Jewelry for few minutes. Rinse off with tap water and pat dry with soft towel. Set aside to dry at room temperature.

    For smooth and shiny finish: Mix together some salt, vinegar and flour until you achieve a paste-like consistency. Apply this mixture to your Pewter Jewelry and leave for the next one hour. Rinse off the paste with lukewarm water and pat dry the jewelry completely.

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    Polish Your Pewter Jewelry

    Polish your Pewter Jewelry at least once in a year in order to do away with the imperfections and scratches. Dab some good quality jewelry polish on the surface of your Pewter Jewelry and use a soft rag to rub it gently in circular motion, covering all angles of the jewelry. Let the polish sit on your jewelry for 10 to 15 minutes and then remove it with a clean rag.

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