How to Clean a Bracelet Watch

Your watch, at times, defines who you are, which is why people are willing to invest in expensive premium quality watches. Bracelet watches are often the most expensive variety, with metal links that can be both appealing and durable, alongside being convenient in terms of adjustment. While the bracelets can be made of different materials, it is common for them to get dirty and lose their shine after regular use. Not only does daily sweating affect your watch, the creams and lotions you use everyday can significantly affect the metal. Since a good bracelet watch is often a big investment, it is important that you keep it clean to maintain its condition. Follow the steps below to properly clean your bracelet watch without damaging it.

Things required:

– Dish washing detergent
– Small bowl
– Soft toothbrush
– Lint free wipe cloth


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    To be on the safe side, you should start with taking the bracelet off your watch. Even if your watch is water proof, it is best to separate it to prevent any unintentional damage. However, if your watch’s band does not come off, you will need to be extra careful with the procedure and ensure your watch is water proof before beginning.

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    Take the small bowl and add warm water to it till it is full enough to completely soak the bracelet. Now add some dish washing detergent to the water and mix it up. Don’t go too heavy on the detergent because you only need a mild solution for your purposes.

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    Now you need to let the watch stay in the bowl with the detergent so that the accumulated dirt and grime can loosen up. If your watch’s bracelet has a heavy buildup, you will need to let it soak for longer compared to a slightly dirty or spotty one.

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    A soft toothbrush is important to prevent any scratches on the metal, especially if it is glossy. If the dirt and other substances are sufficiently loosened up, you can use a damp cloth to rub the bracelet. If you are using a toothbrush, brush very lightly and dip the brush in the detergent to keep the bristles from drying up and becoming harder.

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    Once you are done cleaning it, rinse your bracelet watch with running water to thoroughly washout the detergent. Make sure there is no residue remaining after you rinse the watch.

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    Now you can simply dry the watch using a lint-free cloth. If you took the bracelet apart, you can put it together now and wear the watch after it is dry.

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