How to Size a Ring without a Ring Sizer

Whether you are ordering a ring for yourself or someone else, you need to know the exact size of the ring finger so that there is no inconvenience while putting on the ring. This can be accomplished using a fairly simple technique. Moreover, you will not have to use any specialised tools or perform any complex calculations while sizing a ring.

Things Required:

– Scissors
– Notebook papers
– Rulers


  • 1

    Use a pair of scissors to cut a piece of paper about 3 inches in length and the same as a wedding band in width. Keep in mind that under normal circumstances, a wedding band is no wider than 1/4 inch.

  • 2

    Although it is a common practice to put on a ring on the ring finger, you might want to go against it. If that is the case, decide which finger you plan to put the ring on and wrap the piece of paper from the previous step around it. Be sure to keep the paper as snug as you would want the ring to be. Make sure that the paper is not too tight or too loose around your finger because in such a case, the ring would either hurt your finger or it would not stay in place at all.

  • 3

    While the paper is wrapped around your finger, mark the paper at the point where it makes contact with the rest of the piece of paper. Unwrap the piece of paper and lay it flat on a table.

  • 4

    Using a calibrate ruler, determine the distance between the point where you marked the paper and the end where you started wrapping the paper around your finger. This will be the circumference of the ring you are ordering. Be sure to take the measurement in inches.

  • 5

    Log on to the internet and download a table that will allow you to determine the size of a ring using the ring’s circumference. You will be able to find plenty of tables like this on the internet. If you are not sure about which table might be accurate, your best shot would be to visit a local jeweller because you will definitely find the desired measurement table there.

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