How to use Diamonds and Rubies as Energy Booster

If you feel yourself down or depressed and do not want to go for established health practices then boosting energy through stones is your best bet. New age alternative health practitioners agree that every stone has some special healing properties.

Diamonds and rubies also belong to the category of those stones that contain the power to change the energy level of everything around them including people. Recent studies show that these stones increase energy and emotional fulfilment.

It is a proven fact that diamonds and rubies are natural sources of energy and one can easily use them to boost their energy levels.


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    The most obvious method to use diamonds and rubies as energy boosters is to wear them on a daily basis. Get these precious stones in a ring, pendant or necklace and keep them close to your body. You will feel significant change in a couple of days. People who use these stones admitted that they absorbed negative feelings and filled them with some positive energy.

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    You may also carry these stones in a pouch. However, make sure that its size is suitable to keep in the pocket. Just take out the stone and rub whenever you are uncomfortable and insecure. This exercise will really help you in increasing your confidence and self-empowerment.

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    Another way to use diamonds and rubies as energy boosters is to meditate with them. However, you will have to find a peaceful corner where nobody is disturbing you. Sit on a comfortable surface, hold these stones in your hands, close your eyes and feel the transfer of energy. Imagine yourself in an atmosphere where some positive energy rays are coming towards you and filling your body. Do this exercise for at least ten minutes on a daily basis.

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    Read some literature about diamonds and rubies. Sit in a quiet place and focus on the properties of these stones. This exercise will really help you in connecting with these stones and grasping some positive energy.

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    While holding these stones, you must encourage yourself by saying some inspirational phrases. Make sure that your sentences are reminding you of your targets. For instance, if you are going to address a group of people then say, “I will prevail. I have something worthy to say. They will listen to me.”

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    Last but not the least, just place the stones on your chest, take deep breaths and try to connect with their vibration.

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