How to Keep Jewelry from Discolouring Skin

Whilst metallic jewellery looks really beautiful and trendy, at times it can leave behind an unsightly green or black mark on your skin. There are several reasons a piece of jewellery can discolor your skin, but the most common is the oxidation of metals when exposed to moisture and air. With a little care and some prevention, you can keep your metallic jewellery safe from corrosion and tarnish, alongside preventing your skin from being affected.

Things Required:

– Baby powder
– Cornstarch
– Clear nail polish
– Ring spacer


  • 1

    Keep your jewellery dry

    Since most of corrosion is caused by moisture, it is necessary to keep your jewellery as dry as possible. Take your jewellery off when washing your hands and face and thoroughly dry them before wearing it again. For best results, lightly dust the area with a mixture of baby powder and cornstarch before putting on the jewellery. It is recommended to avoid wearing such jewellery items during summer months, when your body perspires the most.

  • 2

    Coat your jewellery with a clear nail polish

    A simple trick that is quite effective is to dab the area of jewellery that touches your skin with a clear nail polish. A light coat of transparent nail polish on the back of your metal jewellery or on the inside of the ring will minimize chances of corrosion. This remedy is most effective for costume jewellery, since it is most likely to leave a green mark on your skin. If you wear your costume jewellery more frequently, keep on re-coating it after every couple of months.

  • 3

    Ring spacer

    If the ring that marks your skin is a bit loose, use a spacer; it will not only fit the ring in your finger, but will also keep it from turning on your finger green. The ring spacer acts as a buffer between the ring and the moisture of your hand, preventing the ring from corrosion.

  • 4

    Keep your jewellery clean

    Most of the chemicals present in cosmetics and hair products, like zinc and its oxides, cause metal jewellery to corrode faster. So it is important to keep your jewellery clean and regularly wipe it off. Moreover, daily wear also causes grime to build up on your jewellery and most of the times this grime causes skin irritation.

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