How to Choose a Diamond Ring Setting

A diamond ring is the gift of a life time but choosing it can be one of the most difficult tasks. Considering its price and aesthetic value, it will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make regarding accessories. Before you can choose the actual stone though, you will be required to select a setting for your special diamond. Selection of design and the metal type for your diamond ring setting is important and therefore you must do your research to get it right. Follow some simple tips and techniques given in this article to enhance the looks of your diamond ring.


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    The first thing you will be required to do is to choose the centre stone, which are available in range of designs, sizes and shapes. Since the diamond is the most important part of the ring, you will be required to make sure the setting matches well with the stone.

    Furthermore, you must also pay attention to small details, which include the diamond ring matching the personality of the wearer. If you are buying a diamond ring as a wedding or engagement ring then consider keeping that person’s taste in mind when making the purchase.

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    Pick the metal type for the diamond ring setting. Diamond ring settings usually come in yellow gold, silver, platinum or white gold but you should choose the one that best suits your needs. If you are on a budget then silver metal for diamond ring setting can be the answer for you. Also, keeping in mind the skin tone of the wearer and his/her personal likings. Find out what metal the wearers prefers when wearing the everyday jewellery.

    Platinum and white gold are the most commonly used metals for diamond ring settings.

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    It is best to choose a simple setting so the focus is mainly on the stone. Not only a simple setting looks elegant but it will also cost you a lot less compared to other fancy designs. Again, if you are on a tight budget, this is the best option.

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    You may also choose to get a coloured stone for the diamond ring depending on the taste of the wearer. If possible frame the diamond with two accents on both sides. For more elegant look, consider choosing a design that incorporates small diamond along a band.

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