How to Keep your Ring From Turning your Finger Green

Some rings leave a green mark after mixing up with the perspiration in your fingers. It is a chemical process where the copper in the ring reacts with oxygen and forms a compound copper oxide which is green in color. This is the green mark around your finger that your notice after wearing it for some time. This mark is quite common with inexpensive rings which have a lot of copper content. There is a social perception attached with rings that give off green color that they are fake and cheap and this can prove to be socially embarrassing for some people. However, it can also happen with silver and gold rings. So, a green finger does not mean that your ring is a fake. You can prevent it from happening with simple treatments and give a longer life to your ring.


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    Clear coat:

    Take a clear coat nail polish and paint the ring, excluding the design. You just have to paint the band that goes around your finger.  Once you coat it well, let it dry before wearing it back. The clear polish will prevent the metal and skin from keeping in contact and prevent discoloration.

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    Keep dry:

    It is always best to remove the source of the problem altogether. The discoloration happens when the metal reacts with moisture. First you have to prevent your fingers from  getting moist while you still have the ring on. Apply an anti aspirant on your hands. Take the ring off your finger when you wash hands, take shower or do something that involves water. You also have to keep liquids like lotions away from your ring.

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    Ammonia solution:

    Soak your ring in a solution that is half ammonia and half water. Keep it there for two days. The ammonia will react with the copper and take it off the ring. This works perfectly for sterling silver rings with a little bit of copper.

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    Wipe clean:

    You must have noticed that the green mark gets lighter as time passes. Most rings stop coloring altogether after some time. You just need to speed up the time till they do. One tip is to regularly wipe the ring with a clean tissue or towel.  This way, the ring will stop coloring soon.

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    Rhodium plate:

    If you love your ring enough to take an extra step for it, go to a jeweler and ask him to coat your ring with Rhodium. Rhodium coat prevents the ring from tarnishing and ensures greater life with no green marks. Most fine jewelry is Rhodium plated.

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