How to Make a Wish Bracelet

A wish bracelet can simply be made from just beads and hemp. The procedure is so easy that young kids, with the help from a teacher or parent, can also make them. Wish bracelets are a good way to express your creative talents and they are rather trendy to wear as well.

You should always make a wish before you wear it in order for it to work. It is said that when a wish bracelet falls off from your wrist, your wish will comes true at some point.

Things Required:

– Hemp
– Scissors
– Beads
– Letters (optional)


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    Getting started

    First of all, cut 3 lengths of hemp with every piece being 24 inches long. Place the 3 pieces together and tie a knot at one end. Make sure you provide enough loose string in order to tie the bracelet.

    Begin with the string on the right side. After that, tie a knot around the other piece of string, and force it up until it is closely fitted against the top knot. Remember to do the exact same thing with the outer string.

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    Get another string and do the same process

    Grab the second string on the right side and repeat the same steps again. Start to make knots until the bracelet is around one third of the length you want. Then put a bead on the new string. Be sure to make a knot on this outer string.

    After that, slide the knot up to the bead, tie a knot on the outer string and grab it tightly. Add some more beats and start the process again until you have placed all the beads that you wanted.

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    Further instructions

    Go back to knotting the bracelet like you did in the first step. Tie knots until the bracelet is big enough to wear on your wrist. Measure the circumference of your hand to get the exact size. Then make a knot in all the strings at the end. Remove the extra hemp leaving just enough length to tie on your wish bracelet.

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