How to Sell Antique Precious Jewelry

Selling antique precious jewellery is something tricky as many jewellers are out there who are ready to deceive you by paying you the money which is equal to the price of current jewellery. If you own antique precious jewellery and want to sell it, then you have to take care of many things before selling it because your jewellery holds much more worth than the price of jewellery of current time. So, if you want to sell your antique jewellery on its deserving price then you can take guidance from this article which will guide you in getting right price.


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    First of all, you should evaluate your antique jewellery and try to get the basic information about it including the year when it was made.

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    If you get confused and fail to get an idea of how to check the exact time of your jewellery, then you should take help from a professional jewellery appraiser in this regard.

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    A jewellery appraiser is an expert in checking the origin, style, age and other relevant things of the jewellery and usually tells reasonable price of antique jewellery.

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    You can get help from the local phone book for finding different jewellery appraisers in your area. Make sure you contact at least 3, 4 appraisers for getting a better idea about the value of your antique jewellery.

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    You should contact only those appraisers who are GIA certified because they are qualified experts and will let you know the exact price of your antique jewellery.

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    Now compile a list of all antique pieces of your antique jewellery that you want to sell. Also include the number of stones, approximate age, metal types or any marking on the jewellery and show this paper to different jewellers first. If they show interest, then show them your real antique jewellery.

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    You should sell your antique jewellery on your own without involving any third party jeweller or appraiser. It will help you get more money as you are not paying any commission to an intermediary person.

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    You can also place an ad in a local magazine or newspaper for selling your antique jewellery. Also add your contact number at the end of the ad where potential buyers will contact you.

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