How to Choose a Good Pearl Necklace

This article is to guide you in the correct direction when buying a pearl necklace. A pearl necklace adds elegance to any dress. They are always in fashion. It is always a safe bet to end your look with pearls: weather it is a wedding, dinner or a Christmas party. Every woman wants to own one. There are various lengths to choose from: choker, collar, opera, princess etc. they all are well suited for different dresses and necklines. It is an expensive buy so you should analyze every aspect before buying a pearl necklace.


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    Color & Luster

    Various shades and colors are available in the market. Big stores have option of: white, yellow, pink, black and silver. Choose the one that matches your taste. Also observe the design closely, it should enhance the color. The glossy finish of the pearl is called its luster. It is one of the important things to consider when buying pearls. It should have the glossy look. Larger pearls will have more luster.
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    Shape & Smoothness

    A cultured pearl will be more round in shape. The necklace looks more elegant if it has round pearls. South sea pearls and Tahitian are round. The rounder it is, more costly it will be. Do not choose lesser quality shapes as the overall effect of the whole necklace will be destroyed. Button shaped or semi spheres should be picked. Sometimes there are little spots on the pearls which affect its overall smoothness. A higher quality necklace will also cost more because it has the smoothest pearls. Smooth pearls will last longer and the beauty would remain.
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    If you prefer large and chunky jewelry, than go with a large pearl size. Larger pearls have obviously more luster and glossy finish. The sizes available to enhance this sort of shine are between 7.5mm - 9.5 mm. Many buyers chose the fresh water pearl because of its distinguished look. They appear very delicate. Its size is between 3.0 - 7.0mm. Another type Akoya pearl is between 6.0 - 8.5mm. Some kinds have sizes above 13mm.
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    Buyer’s Age

    A woman’s age plays a part in deciding the length of the necklace. Younger should wear smaller sizes closer to their necks to show off their skin. Also smaller pearls will look very elegant. As you grow old, chose longer necklaces between 18 to 24 inches. Pendants should also lower than the neckline. Also wear big and wide chains.
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