How to Dress Like You Were in the 1960’s

The 1960’s were the decade when there were some very stylish trends were taken up. The decade was prone more towards formal dressing before the 1970’s when hippie styles ruled the fashion industry. It was also a decade when many women looked up to Jacqueline Kennedy as their style icon.

There were some subtleties to the dressing in the 60’s and if one were to dress in the same manner today, they’ll have to follow some of the typical trends of that era. This was an era with a certain class and style and the fashion industry as evolving and experimenting with different ideas. Some really unusual fashions were born in this decade which led to even crazier styles in the 1970’s.


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    The Colours

    The preferred colours in the 1960’s were bright. Men particularly took up brighter colours then before in their dressing.

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    Neck Tie

    The neck ties were really wide with larger knots than those that are worn today. The ties were sometimes as wide as five inches and had all kinds of unusual prints and designs on them. For women, neck laces where in big time in the 60’s were sometimes as wide as five inches and had all kinds of unusual prints and designs on them. For women, necklaces where in big time in the 60’s

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    Women preferred Stiletto shoes with high heels in the 60’s. The heels were often pointed and did not make the most comfortable of shoes that one can wear. For men, leather shoes were also something that got into fashion big time.

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    The skirts that women wore got shorter in length. Some of the designers introduced skirts several inches above the knees which were previously not experimented with. It was generally an A-Line dress and was often sleeveless. The long skirt took a back seat in this era. Many women and girls also wore Capri trousers and in the lateral part jeans with flappers were the in thing.

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    The Hair

    The hair styles were also changed and were experimented with a great deal. Some women had their hair done in a way that they formed a dome like shape at the top of their head. Others had a different look, going for a bell shaped hair style.

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    The Jackets

    The jackets worn in the 60’s were short in size. They also had smaller collars than those that are worn today. Many women following first lady Jacqueline Kennedy also wore a matching hat with the colour of the jacket.

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