How to Dress Like a Beatle for Halloween

Consisting of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, the Beatles started out small as a young band from Liverpool, and swiftly turned into a global sensation. To date, they are considered one of the most iconic, influential, and evolutionary music bands of all time. Given their popularity, dressing as a Beatle on Halloween is sure to prove a favourite during trick-or-treating, or at any party you choose to attend.

Things Required:

– Era-appropriate Beatles outfit
– Liverpudlian accent
– Glasses (if John Lennon)


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    To begin with, choose which Beatle you want to dress as. Pick the band member you admire the most, or the one you identify with and can relate to. Once you have selected the Beatle you want to dress up as, research him to gather some important trivia and facts on him, and carefully study a couple of pictures, to familiarise yourself with his look – are there any distinct facial features that you will need to copy by using paint or makeup?

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    Next, choose which era you will be adapting your look from. The band went through a string of phases, in which they adopted a variety of looks and get-ups, so select the one you like the most, or the one that will prove the easiest to imitate authentically. Are you going to be channelling the India-influenced hippie attire, or go for the Teddy boy leather? Will you stick to the classic suits the band wore on debut at Ed Sullivan, invest in a look-alike of their psychedelic Sgt. Pepper uniforms, or complete your look with the unforgettable 70s sideburns?

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    Next, focus on getting your costume ready. You can either rent one, or put in some extra work to create the costume yourself. This will depend partly on the era you will be channelling – the necessary clothes for the Beatles’ hippe attire can easily be purchased from a local thrift store and assembled at home, but if you want to wear the Sgt. Pepper uniform, you will most likely need to rent one.

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    Once you have the costume, polish your look with some accessories which your Beatle was known for. Look for a mop top wig, guitar, bass, drum sticks, microphone, or glasses, etc – anything that will complete the look, and distinguish you as the particular Beatle you’re dressed up as.

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    Finally, once you have the look down pat, complete the whole costume by adopting the personality your Beatle had. Get into character, perfect the accent, and sing in order to amplify your get-up. Memorise quirky, Beatle-appropriate answers to any questions that you might be asked – e.g. if someone asks you where you live, have answers like “on Penny Lane” or “in a yellow submarine” ready.

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