How to Pick Invitations for a Stag Party

A stag party, commonly referred to as a bachelor party, is a pre-planned bash or last night of freedom for a man who is about to tie the knot. The organizers of the event are usually the friends of the groom, who make all the arrangements on their own or by taking some help from an event management company. The party can take the form of a social gathering, but the activities can go beyond certain limits such as acquiring the services of a stripper, the usage of unlimited alcohol and pranks on the groom. Keeping these activities in mind, invitations to a bachelor party may be limited to close friends, family members and trusted business acquaintances.


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    Make a list of all the people you wish you invite. Take time to jot down all the names as you don’t want to miss anyone. Think of all current and former friends, cousins, relatives, and business people along with any other special invites. After writing down everyone’s name, eliminate those you think will not be suited to this event. This is important as you don’t want the groom’s father to attend the party. However, if situation and circumstances allow, which will depend on your own list of activities, you can invite as many people as you want.

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    Now lay down the template of the party invitation. If you, the organizer, have a particular theme in mind or want to keep a template which has been used in earlier weddings, then you are good to go. However, in order to be more innovative, go to the local party store and browse for a couple of themes before choosing one. Make sure that the template provides a fair indication on the mood of party such as wild, crazy.

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    Now visit the nearest publisher shop to print the invitations according to your preferred theme. You can also choose a custom made party invitation. Depending on your resources, choose colors; whether you want a simple black & white print or a little glowing invitation filled with lots of colors.

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    Make a couple of copies first before finalizing your invitation. At this point, you will need to know the contact information of all those people you wish to invite. Send the invitations accordingly.

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