How to Make a Valentine Bulletin Board

Valentine’s day is a day when people come together to express and share their love for one another. Some people don’t believe in the day and feel that it is just another way for card companies to make money, while others strongly feel in this day.

They tend to use this day to express their love for one another, which is something they can do all year long, but they choose to do it in an extra special way on the fourteenth of February.

Now class rooms and offices can also get in on the act and set up a valentine’s day bulletin board.


  • 1

    Prepare board

    The first step is to go on and find a board to use. You can pick any old board, as long as you clean it up first. Make sure it is in decent condition and doesn’t have any wear and tear.

    If it has any excess material stuck to it, remove it before you use it.

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    Valentine’s effect the board

    The next thing to do, is to give the board the valentine’s day effect. Do this by first making it red and/or pink. These are the colours we have chosen to associate with the day, and so you need to do the same. You may add a little white in there, but those three colours are where you should stay.

    Next up, go on and display a giant Valentine’s day sign on the board. You can do this by printing out a banner, or by cutting out individual letters which you can then go on and paste on the board.

    This will let everyone know just what the board is made for, if they can’t already tell based on the way the board is decorated.

  • 3

    Fine tuning

    The next thing to do, is to fine tune the board. Even though you were given a strict colour code to follow, you can go on and improvise, as you can add sparkles and other shimmery things to the board. They will really help the love pop out on the board, and get everyone’s attention.

  • 4

    Inform everyone

    Lastly you need to inform everyone of the board and its purpose. Tell them what it is there for and just what its intended purpose really is. This way, everyone will start to use it well and you will get the desire results that you set out to achieve.

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