Administrative Professionals Day Overview

Administrative Professional’s Day is also known as Admin Day or Secretaries Day and it is an unofficial holiday in most countries. The main purpose to celebrate this day is to admire the efforts of admin staff e.g. secretaries, receptionists and other admin support professionals and to recognise their passion for work. The date of celebration varies in different regions; for example in North America, the Administrative Professional’s Day is celebrated on Wednesday of the last week of April whereas in Europe, this day is celebrated on the third Thursday of fourth month (April).

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    History of the Administrative Professional’s Day

    The idea of this day was generated by Mary Barrett, who was president of IAAP, and C. King Woodbridge, who was president of Dictaphone Corporation. In the start it was National Secretaries week intended to be celebrated from June 1 to June 7th in 1952 and fourth of June was celebrated as the first Secretaries Day. The date of this week was changed in 1955 and was intended to be held in the last full week of April and later in 1981, the name of the week was changed to Administrative Professionals Week.

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    Importance of Administrative Professional’s Day

    In most of America, the Administrative Professional Day is observed on Wednesday of the last week of April whereas in Europe it is celebrated on the third Thursday of every April. It has huge importance in any administrative environment as it allows everyone to praise and accept the efforts made by the administrative staff to bring cohesion in a work environment and make life easier. This day also motivates the administrative staff to work more efficiently in future.

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    Celebrating the Administrative Professional’s Day

    It has been years now since this day started being celebrated in offices. There are a number of activities that people do on this day. You can celebrate the Administrative Professional's Day by organising community events, social gatherings, individual corporate activities, seminars and office parties. You can also give gifts, flowers or dinner to your administrative colleagues.

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