How to Make a Cheap Christmas Gift

People usually wait for winters to come and the holidays which come at this time of year. They eagerly wait for the Christmas vacations all year long. Despite all the excitement, it can be stressful for head of the family. This is because they have to buy gifts and stuff for all of the family and friends. However, there is no need to be depressed as you do not need to disturb your budget. You can create your own Christmas gifts in order to save bucks. It is not only crafty but will also mean a lot to the receiver.

Things Required:

– Ribbon
– Gift tags
– Photo frame
– Scissors
– Craft glue
– Foam Christmas decorations
– Coffee mug
– Wrapping paper
– Small basket


  • 1

    Gourmet coffee, candy and mug

    Get a coffee mug for around $1 from any department store. These Christmas cups are usually on sale after the holiday season. Next you need to buy small gourmet coffee packs for $1. Remember that these sample-sized gourmet coffee packs should be easily placed in the mug. Watch out their size before buying.

    Later buy an assorted candy bag consisting of mints, chocolates and candy canes. Wrap the candies in a wrapping cellophane paper and seal the top with a red ribbon. Attach a gift tag on the handle of the mug and write the person’s name.

  • 2

    Photo Collage

    Buy a cheap photo frame from your local craft star. It should cost your $1. Next cut sheet of thick poster board according to the size of frame. Then gather 15 to 20 photographs of yourself and your family or your friends and lay on the poster board. Cover any gap in the board with Christmas decorations such as candy canes and then glue down your photos. In the wrap the frame and then give to your loved one.

  • 3

    Kitchen basket

    Get a basket from your local store worth $1. Make sure it is small and is about 7 inches in diameter. Next buy utensils of $1 such as spatula, spoon, tongs etc and a bottle of sauce such as barbecue, mustard, mayonnaise or all-purpose sauce.

    In the end, fill the things you bought in the basket and tie a ribbon on the top of basket. Wrap it with cellophane after this.

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