How to Celebrate Golfers Day

Almost each and every day in the calendar has some significance, background and often an event related to it. Hence if we talk about the 10th of April, it has a lot to do with the golf lovers around the world. It is sure most of them may not be aware of this but 10th of April is observed as Golfers Day. When it comes to events, there are particular ways of spending and celebrating them. And this is why you should take this day as an excuse to do different things if you’re on the golf course, and celebrate the occasion in style!


  • 1

    Organize a friends gathering

    You may always be playing golf regularly accompanied by some of your friends. Try having as many friends as you possibly can; particularly those who like to play golf, but do let them know that it is Golfers day.

  • 2

    Try something different

    Whenever it is a special day, then it is important that something different should be tried out. On golfer’s day, instead of inviting your friends to a conventional golf course, try playing at a peculiar venue and declaring whoever covers the course the quickest a winner!

  • 3

    Test your strength

    This can involve even those of your friends who do not happen to have a very good knowledge of golf. Arrange some balls in one line and try hitting them all at the same time. The winner should be the one who hits those balls the farthest.

  • 4

    Play a round

    Playing a round of about 9 or 18 holes would certainly require some good expertise. This should involve only those friends who are as good at playing golf as you are.

  • 5

    Have some refreshments

    You can’t spend the entire golfer’s day by simply whacking the ball around. To add some more fun, it is good if you have something for refreshment in order to make the day quite memorable.

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