What is the Purpose of Labor Day

Labor Day is one of the important landmarks of the year. The day has a long history and has since been celebrated for two centuries. The day is celebrate as a recognition of the efforts of workers all around the world, no matter what professions they belong to. Labor Day originated from the United States and was first celebrated in 1880’s. Today, it is celebrated in almost all countries of the world and is marked with a number of festive activities. It remains significant in all ages because the importance of workers for both the economy and society can never be neglected. Labor Day is given as a holiday in most countries to allow workers a complementary day off so that they can feel pride in the work they do all through the year. Apart from the obvious reason of recognition, this day serves many other purposes.


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    Labor Day is a festival or celebration for the working class. They are given a day off to rest and enjoy themselves. Parades and festive activities on the day serve as entertainment for people who get a break from their hectic routine. Workers also get time to spend with family and get refreshed for work.

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    Labor Day aims to pay tribute to the main input in the industry, society and growth of the workers. This day encourages their spirits and gives them the feeling that they are being cared for and heard.

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    Public meetings and speeches by public representatives and government officials brings them closer to their working class. This way their concerns can he heard and registered. During these meetings they can put forward demands that they need to improve their lives and working conditions. These representatives are obliged to make promises and commitments to the workers at such meetings which lead to improvement in their life. Thus, Labor Day serves as a platform for such meetings or gatherings.

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    Another purpose of Labor Day is to stress on professional ethics and responsibilities. The day serves as a reminder of keeping a check on the way you are working and keeping on track. The spirit of the day is to work hard and fair and to not indulge in unfair activities. Those who accept the philosophy of the day unite to work in nation building so that they can be proud and satisfied when they look back. This day is for workers of all times and ages who were true to their profession, their country and the rest of the world.

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