How to Create a Playlist for a Stock the Bar Party

The basic purpose of a stock the bar party is to get your home bar up to snuff. No matter you are celebrating a new house or planning a bridal shower, stock the bar party is the perfect theme. The best thing about such parties is that it is easy and inexpensive as your guests bring useful gifts.

There is no doubt in that preparing food and planning fun activities are important but you should not ignore the music. Though, it can be difficult to spare some time to create a playlist but some simple techniques can reduce the difficulty level.


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    Know your audience:

    First thing you should do is to know the likes and dislikes of your guests. The easiest way to find out is to check their music libraries, iPods or visit their pages on social networking sites. You may ask them to help you in creating a playlist. After doing this, there will be a long list of tracks in front of you. Shortlist them and then put them in a sequence.

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    Browse internet:

    Next thing you should do is to browse internet to get suitable songs for a stock the bar party. There are many websites and online music libraries that can provide you complete playlists for such events but you can make your own by downloading different songs. You should get at least 40 songs as their running time will be around two and hours. However, you can adjust the number of tracks according to the duration of your party. Make sure there is some backup as you won’t like to change the tracks manually.

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    Start Easy:

    You must not hit hard immediately in the beginning rather start easy and build the pace gradually. Songs with a slow tempo allows your guests to have a conservation while enjoying the music at a low volume. You can introduce a fast beat songs after serving the drinks.

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    Add some variety:

    Variety is the most important thing to keep your guests interested and entertained. Pick different genre of music and shuffle your tracks. However, if you are playing a dinner then confine yourself to soft music.

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    Do not hesitate from experimenting:

    You can entertain them by having an experimental playlist. Prepare mash ups or medleys of their favourite songs. Remember to use a nice mixture of songs that your guests enjoy listening to. However, make sure that the songs included are famous.

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