How to Create Chocolates for Your Valentine

It is such a baffling task to decide what sort of gift you should present to your loved one on Valentine’s Day. There are countless options and items you can gift to your lover on 14th of February and everyone likes to opt for the most unique and charming one. However, the classic gift of chocolates is still the most popular one on Valentine’s Day. Heart-shaped chocolates are very effective medium to show your love to someone. You can further enhance this feeling if you tell your lover that you have made these chocolates by yourself. It is quite easy to prepare chocolates for your Valentine at home and you will also feel great while presenting them to your loved one. It will be better that you make use of an ordinary chocolate bar and give it the shape of a heart, with your lover’s written on it.

Things Required:

– Chocolate bars
– Silicone heart mould
– Microwave oven
– Butter knife
– Freezer
– Spoon
– Mixing bowl


  • 1

    Select a chocolate bar which your Valentine likes the most. If you have no idea about your lover’s choice of chocolate, you can simply buy any good quality, smooth milk-chocolate for your purpose. Besides being delicious, milk-chocolates are easier to melt and mould, as they do not form lumps like other caramel chocolates or the ones with dry nuts.

  • 2

    You need to melt down the chocolate to be put into the moulds. You can break down the chocolate bars into a microwave-safe oven and place it side the microwave for melting. You only need to turn on the oven for 15 seconds and be very careful not to overcook the chocolate, as it can get burnt.

  • 3

    Take out the melted chocolate from the oven and pour it into the heart-shaped silicon mould. These moulds are easily available in the market but if you don’t find any, you can simply pour the melted chocolate into a flat tray and cut out a hear shape with a knife.

  • 4

    Put the mould filled with chocolate into the freezer until chocolate fully hardens up. It will not take more than 5 minutes before the chocolate fully turns cold.

  • 5

    Take the mould out of the freezer and let it settle for about a minute. Then, pop out the chocolate from the mould, box it up and gift it to your Valentine. It will be better if you use cream to write the names of both you and your Valentine on the chocolate!

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