How to Celebrate Labor Day

On the first Monday of September, Labor Day is celebrated in the USA. It is a three day weekend and is one of the major holidays. Many see it as their last chance to enjoy the summer before autumn starts. Many families get involved in different activities to enjoy these three days as they go for picnics, host barbecues, attend fairs or parades etc. It is a good opportunity to spend quality time and be free of worries. If you want to celebrate Labor Day then follow these simple guidelines for help.


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    One of the most popular ways to celebrate this holiday is a cookout. Plan to cook some favourite foods loved by kids and adults. You could cook burgers, hot dogs and make potato salad or grilled corn on the cob. These foods are easy to prepare and loved by all. You could also plan a Labor Day feast. Checks the weather forecast beforehand because if it’s rainy do not worry and you could take the party indoors. You could take the grill inside. The key is to have a good time and take advantage of the time off from your hectic work schedule. Call all of your friends and family members to enjoy a nice cookout and have each person bring something to the party. The kids will have a great time running around and enjoying a nice hamburger or hotdog fresh from the  grill. Try to make your cookout have a Labor Day theme by decorating the table and using different coloured plates, napkins and cups.

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    Another fun activity is to spend these three days at the beach. You could enjoy the sun, sand and surf. It is the time to get away from the traffic and far from the crowd. These are the last days of summer and the best time to enjoy the heat. If peaceful is your style, then spend these three days relaxing. You could watch your favourite movie or read a good book. Your kids will definitely enjoy a nice break at the beach before they have to go back to school.

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    Bring out your creative side by spending your time productively making crafts. This activity could involve the whole family and especially children will love it. The crafts should be in Labor Day themes. As the day is celebrated to honour the workers, the crafts could revolve around any profession. For example make a collage which focusing on a construction worker. You could create small souvenirs in the forms of paintings or cards which give tribute to the workers of different professions.

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