How to Celebrate Halloween at Work

If you are an adult and have a job, then it does not mean that you do not have the right to bring up the child in you, especially when it is Halloween. You certainly can get into the holiday spirit by bringing celebrations to your workplace. Halloween celebrations will not only allow the employees to enjoy themselves but they will be able to get out of their regular routine. Here is how you can celebrate Halloween at work.


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    Halloween celebrations cannot be complete without dressing up in a costume. You can stage a costume contest at your workplace by placing a jar in the centre of the office and ask all the employees for their favourite costume throughout the day. At the end of the day, you can take out the votes and announce the winner. You can also consider awarding the winner with a prize like a gift certificate for a local restaurant.

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    Consider asking all the employees to decorate their desks according to the holiday theme. Employees can place candy jars and other decorative items on their desks. Again, you can ask them to vote for the best decoration and award the winner with some prize.

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    Provide each employee with a pumpkin and ask them to show some creativity by carving designs in it. Here, employees can carve anything that they want. At the end of the competition, ask everyone to vote for the best pumpkin. If you allow the employees to bring their children to the office, then you can also hold a separate contest for them as well.

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    If you feel that too many activities can be disruptive the work day, then you can just place a candy jar at some prominent place in the office with the number of candies already counted. You can then ask the employees to guess the number of candies in the jar. The one who guesses the right answer should be awarded with the candy jar. If no one guesses the correct answer, the winner can be determined on the basis of the closest guess.

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