Tell a Story Day Overview

You might have had given some excuses to your boss on reaching the office late or when you want to have a short leave. If you think you are good in making stories to get rid of different situations, then April 27 is a special Day for this purpose. For your information, April 27 is observed as Tell a Story Day. Perhaps it may not be wrong to say that there is a storyteller in almost all of us. We can have that storyteller do some work by drafting a story that we can tell to others. As most days in a year have, a background so does Tell a Story Day. Therefore, it is good to have some knowhow about its origin.


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    Origin of Tell a Story Day

    As far as the origin of Tell a Story Day is concerned, there is not much available in the records. However, the only element of importance is that it is celebrated in U.S on the April 27 while in U.K and Scotland it is observed on October 27. The point to be noted is that, the two mentioned days fall exactly six months apart. The day is quite prominently observed in U.K as compare to other countries.

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    Why observe Tell a Story Day?

    Anyone who does not belong to the part of the world where this day is celebrated can have a question bubbling up in mind that, what is the point in observing Tell a Story Day. The best answer to this question is that observing this day is just another reason to get along with your friends and relatives somewhere and share a few incidents in shape of stories.

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    Tell a Story Day Celebration

    Celebrating Tell a Story Day is fun. Make sure to involve all your loved ones in your celebrations. Think of some unique ideas to celebrate a Tell a Story Day and have great blast on April 27.

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