National Read a Road Map Day Overview

National Read a Map Day is celebrated on April the 5th and is a fun filled day as people use manual paper maps to find directions instead of using GPS or Google maps. There is nothing as exciting as unfolding a new map in front of you and then following different blue and red lines on it. Celebrating this day will take you to your early childhood memories when phones were hanged to the walls and there were not any GPS systems in place, and you were used to following paper maps by highlighting your directions.  This day is celebrated to honour the usage of paper maps and the help they gave to people for hundreds of years.


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    History of National Read a Map Day

    There is not any solid track of history of the National Read a Road Map day yet it is regularly celebrated every year.

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    Importance of National Read a Map Day

    The National Read a Map Day is very important as it is celebrated to honour the tradition and art of map reading which had been used for ages. It also allows people to learn the art of map reading without heavily relying on electronic equipment.

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    Things to Do on National Read a Map Day

    One of the usual things that everyone loves to do on National Read a Road Map Day is going on a road trip. The most fun experience can be taking the side roads to your destination and using a paper map to get to your destination. If you don’t want to go on a road trip then you can gather some maps in your home and you can explore the world by pouring over those maps. You can also invite some friends at home with different maps and  share the knowledge of places you have seen so far, and your friends can share their experiences as well.

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