How to Be Positive During Negative Events

Joy and sorrow are both integral parts of life; no matter how actively we plan for good things, we must always be mentally prepared for any kind of situation,  given the fact that things do not always go according to our plans. Despite not wanting to, everyone has to face many negative events during their lives, which can range from the death of a loved one to failure in one’s personal or professional life.

During or after the occurrence of a negative event, it is extremely easy for any individual to give up and go into depression. However, this attitude will not get you anywhere, and will make things even more difficult for you as you try to battle the trying circumstances along with your own negative outlook. Getting rid of negative feelings in such a scenario is imperative, and it is important to remember that one must remain positive even in the worst of circumstances. This, however, is easier said than done, and requires a great deal of courage and strength.


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    Do not lose faith

    Even if you are going through an extremely negative phase in your life, you must remember to never lose faith in God. You need to believe that your life is being driven by your Creator, who will always do whatever is best for you. One of the best ways to remain positive, even in worst of circumstances, is to pray to God and ask for inner peace. Consider the negative event a test from nature, and focus on trying to emerge from it as a stronger person.

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    Think about the future

    You must realise that the negative situation in which you happen to find yourself is not going to last forever - keep in mind that all bad times come to an end. You can make yourself feel more positive by thinking about how small this situation will seem after a month or two in the future. Do not think of it as the end of the world - no event or situation should be converted into a matter of life and death.

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    Talk to a trusted person

    At times, it is extremely comforting to talk to someone you trust, with whom can share your sorrow or pain freely. After sharing the problem with someone who is close to you, you will definitely feel lighter and more optimistic.

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    Let your tears come out

    If you are truly hurt and feeling helpless, do not try to repress the feelings - letting your tears flow freely can be extremely cathartic. After having a good cry, you will definitely feel more relieved and positive.

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    Spend some time in isolation

    During or after a negative event, it is recommended that you spend some time alone, in order to compose yourself and gather your thoughts. However, make sure you do not let negative thoughts creep into your mind. Think positively, and consider how you can cope with the situation successfully.

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