How to Cut the Bottom of a Christmas Tree

The captivating event of Christmas is celebrated with greater level of enthusiasm and happiness by all Christians all over the world. However, many people consider this great occasion incomplete without a Christmas tree. Countless people in every region of the world decorate Christmas trees at their homes. But cutting the bottom of a Christmas tree for placing it in a tree stand is something tricky. However, you can easily cut the bottom of a Christmas tree in a perfect manner by reading this article.

Things Required:

Christmas tree
– Small hand saw
– Christmas tree stand, metal


  • 1

    First of all, you should buy a perfect looking Christmas tree that has many branches which are thick and strong.

  • 2

    Before buying a Christmas tree, you need to know the size of place where you want to place it. If you do not have sufficient space then try to bring Christmas tree that is not very big.

  • 3

    Christmas trees are available in all major markets when the event of Christmas is around the corner. You can buy it from the nearest market of your home.

  • 4

    Now that you have bought the Christmas tree and have brought it to your home, it is time to cut its bottom in order to place it in a tree stand.

  • 5

    Cutting the bottom of the Christmas tree will help in removing sap that usually coagulates there. Make sure you have a perfect saw that could easily cut the bottom of the tree.

  • 6

    Keep the saw on the tree and start cutting the bottom of Christmas tree quickly. Make sure you cut it in straight way so that it could be placed in the tree stand in a balanced manner.

  • 7

    Always avoid cutting the bottom of Christmas tree more than 3 inches because cutting more than 3 inches can harm the tree and it will start losing its greenery.

  • 8

    After cutting the Christmas tree, place it in the tree stand in a firm manner and then fill the stand with warm water. Also add a quarter or half cup of Karo syrup that provides nutrients and it will help in keeping the Christmas tree fresh and green.

  • 9

    Do not forget to water the Christmas tree on a daily basis and never let the water level down in the tree stand.

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