How to Celebrate Blame Somebody Else Day

If are looking to do some kind of mischief so as to create some fun then today, the 13th April, is the right day for you. This is because today is observed as Blame Somebody Else day so the best thing that you can do is do something wrong and blame someone else for committing it. While you are doing so, just make sure that your act must not be hurting for someone you would blame for the misdeed. At the same time, the person should not be in any sort of trouble if blamed, as it should just be done for having some fun around. You can do this in the school, college or university being a student, and can try this at your workplace with your colleagues. Hence, this day can be celebrated in quite a funny way.


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    Make a Plan

    Although you can do something naughty without pre-planning it, but it is good if you have a plan. Just think of anything that you can be expected to do wrong such as not doing your homework or reaching the office late. Once you have thought about it, then take the next step accordingly.

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    Person to be blamed

    The next step is to choose someone that you are to blame for your mistake. Just ensure that the person is not too sensitive or hyper so to avoid an unpleasant confrontation. It can be your classmate in school, or anyone who sits next to you in the office.

  • 3

    Involve others

    Just to ensure some more fun, it is good that you involve others around you in creating the scene. Tell them that you are a witness of the fact that the person you are blaming is actually the wrong doer, and not you.

  • 4

    Be careful while blaming

    Make sure that the cause or reason you are blaming the other person for is not too serious. It should only be something funny, with some kind of suspense that should be revealed later. The person blamed must not get into any sort of trouble that may make you feel guilty later.

  • 5

    Breaking the suspense

    There is always a time for the drop scene. Try breaking the suspense when you feel that the person blamed is offended or depressed because of it. The breaking of suspense should be followed by telling the truth and saying “HAPPY BLAME SOMEBODY ELSE DAY”.

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