Decorating Ideas for Labor Day

This national holiday is celebrated on the first Monday of every September in America. Primarily the purpose of the holiday is to honour and give tribute to the workers in the community. They are given tribute for their hard work and diligence. It is a festive time for everyone. People attend parades, throw parties, enjoy outdoor barbecues etc. It is also a good time to decorate your home to bring out the celebratory mood. Decorating doesn’t mean spending a lot of money. You could be creative and follow these simple tips to make your house look beautiful for Labor Day.


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    If you are throwing a party, then decorate the buffet table in this theme. The table should serve its function and still be colourful. Use small galvanized pails to place the straws and napkins. The silver ware should also be tied with red, blue or white bows. Fill buckets with ice and the drinks you are going to serve. You could decorate the bucket with coloured ribbons or glitters in red, blue or white colours. Also, put small flags in different containers to show a national spirit. You can also place candles in these colours on the tables for a nice decorative Labor Day theme.

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    The area where the party will take place should seem attractive and inviting. It will also get the kids involved in preparing for the party. Streamers always give a festive effect so purchase red, blue and white steamers to cover the railings and also hang them on the edges. Buy balloons in the same colours and hang them on corners and plants. The kids will have fun blowing up the balloons. The table should be decorated with a tablecloth in the theme colours and put plastic flags around.

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    A party is incomplete without flowers. They give a colourful and cheery effect to the whole setting. Some of the flowers that can be used are sunflowers, carnations, daisies and whatever others are available in the season. You could create floral balls by covering floral foam with white and red carnations. A simple floral centrepiece could be made to arrange the flowers in tin cups. Make daisy garlands which the kids could wear and take pictures in them. If the party is outside then it gives you a chance to arrange your flower pots and decorate them with coloured fairy lights. You will want to make sure everything matches so that your guests will feel a strong Labor Day theme has been followed.

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