How to Celebrate Easter Day

Where peak of winter is punctuated with events like Christmas and New Year, the climax of colorful spring is accentuated by Easter. Being another major religious festival like Christmas which is known for the birth of Jesus Christ, the Easter is celebrated to commemorate his rebirth after crucifixion. Unlike Christmas, there is no fixed date for Easter in the civil calendar. However, it falls somewhere between 22nd March and 25th April. According to the Gregorian calendar the date of Easter falls somewhere in between 4th April and 8th May. Since this is a holiday besides being a religious festival so there are lot many celebrations and joys associated with it.


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    Overall Celebrations

    The Christian communities all across the world celebrate Easter day with a lot of enthusiasm. The day starts with some special church services along with special Easter processions and ringing of church bells. Besides, the churches and the homes are decorated with candle lights, flowers and some good music is played all around.

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    The famous egg hunt

    This activity is actually meant for the kids. In countries such as Australia, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom the children put on colorful spring clothes and participate in the famous Easter Egg hunt. The eggs are hidden by Easter Bunny which the children try to find. The winners are presented with sweets, candies and other gifts.

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    Easter Dramas & Theaters

    In many parts of the world, Easter is celebrated certain theatres and dramas which demonstrate the story behind this event. It is good to watch the performances so as to acquaint the growing up kids with the background of Easter.

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    Special Dishes for Easter

    Like other special days in the year, Easter is also associated with preparation of some special dishes. There are Pastries called corona di nove are prepared having the shape of a crown. Besides, there are various other items such as capretto (lamb) and agnello (kid/goat) along with ham, salads, sausages, and sweet cakes filled with nuts, fruit and honey.

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    Easter Parties

    A special event is often incomplete without a party. Hence, you can arrange a party engaging some of close friends and relatives. In order to make it enjoyable, the participants can be asked to dress up like Bugs Bunny or Easter Bunny.

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