How to Win a Wet T-Shirt Contest

The wet t-shirt contest is one of the most crowd pleasing events that anyone can throw at an event. This is because it comes with multiple rewards for the audience that is watching the show.

A lot of places are starting to throw wet t-shirt contests nowadays, with sponsors actually coming in and funding the whole thing. This makes a profitable way to go on and market your place or event, and it is guaranteed to bring in customers.

The contest is won by the people participating in it, and the way they win it is based on how they present themselves. Instead of just looking good, they need to get the crowd pumped up and on their side, since otherwise it would become very similar, as all the contestants would be doing the same.


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    The first thing that you need to try and do is to try and get the crowd involved. Try coming out with a positive energy and look like you would be a fun person to interact with. Remember that at the end of the day, the crowds cheering and involvement is going to help determine who will end up winning the contest, so try and get them on your side as soon as you can.

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    Use your best features and make them prominent and obvious. Don’t hold anything back if you want to win, since you are going to be judged either way, so you might as well go all out in order to get the best possible outcome.

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    Work on your pose throughout the whole event. Try and keep a graceful posture, with your upper body staying straight. Avoid slouching or bending down too much. Keep your shoulders in place, since droopy shoulders tend to throw people off quite a bit and this might make them not vote for you.

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    The last thing you can do, is to support the other contestants. They are going to be looking to beat you, but should you pretend to be interested in helping them out and act like a good sport, then the crowd might just end up siding with you, as opposed to them. This is a very cheeky technique to use, but if it is executed properly, not only will it make you look good in front of everyone else, but it will also help you win.

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