How to Celebrate ANZAC Day

If you happen to be an Aussie or a New Zealander, then April 25 definitely means a lot for you as it is observed as the National ANZAC Day in both countries i.e. Australia and New Zealand. It is a national public holiday in both countries and is celebrated in order to honor the members of the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who risked their lives during World War 1, fighting at Gallipoli in Turkey. Besides Australia and New Zealand, some other parts of the world including Tonga, Samoa, Cook Islands, and New Guinea also observe this great day. It was back in April 1915 when the incident happened. However, April 25 was officially declared as a national holiday in Australia and New Zealand from 1920 onwards. Hence, if you belong to either of these countries, you can go through this interesting article in order to come up with unique idea to celebrate the National ANZAC Day.


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    Wishing your loved ones

    If you have not been in touch with your loved ones in the last few days or so, then April 25 is your golden chance to call them and wish them a very Happy ANZAC Day. Sitting on the internet you can wish your friends, colleagues, and family members through various social websites and of course sending messages via cell phone. Besides a reason for interaction, wishing this day also keeps the passion of patriotism alive.

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    Sharing information with Kids

    If you have kids who have just started going to school, then it is rare that they know about ANZAC Day. It is a national responsibility of teachers and parents to share this information with the young ones since they will be carrying it forward to the next generation. The kids can be acquainted with this historical incident in shape of an interesting story or showing a movie.

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    Tribute to National Heroes

    Commemorating a historic incident that has to do a lot with the existence of a nation is incomplete without paying tribute to the national heroes involved in it. Considering that, ANZAC Day is punctuated with the bravery of many soldiers who should be given a big hand. There can be some gatherings or processions organized that should highlight the sacrifices and achievements of the national heroes.

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