Blame Somebody Else Day Overview

Sometimes you feel like being naughty and doing a mischievous act. Or you may want to remember your childhood for some reason and if this is so, then today is the best day to do it! Often when the kids happen to do something wrong, they have a habit of blaming someone else. The 13th of April is a special day meant for this purpose, and you can do something and simply blame someone else. This does not intend to harm anyone, in fact it is just to create some kind of fun by doing so. For those who are not aware of this day at all, perhaps now they will remember it forever once they are acquainted with the background of this day.


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    Origin and Background

    The actual history as well as the origin of this day is somehow not known. However, we can always BLAME Anne Moeller of Clio, Michigan for the creation of this funny day. What actually happened was that back in 1982 on Friday the 13th, Anne's alarm clock didn't ring and she overslept. Consequently, she was late for all the appointments that were scheduled during the day. In order to save herself, she kept on blaming the clock and thus excusing wherever she reached late.

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    Purpose behind observance

    Whenever we commit a mistake then to be honest, there is no one else to be blamed but ourselves. However, something that worries us after making the mistake is the consequences which can prove to be not only threatening, but also hectic. In order to avoid such circumstances, we try blaming something or someone else for the cause. Hence, this day is observed to accentuate that mistakes can be made by almost anyone and for any reason.

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    Celebrating Blame Somebody Else Day

    The purpose of celebrating this day is just creating some fun by doing a mistake and blaming someone else for it. For more information on celebrations, kindly visit Step by Step How to Celebrate Blame Somebody Else Day.

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