How to Throw a Bachelor Party

A bachelor party is the highlight of every man’s last few hours as a single individual before he ties the knot with someone, he aspires to live the rest of his life with. There is no such thing as a decent bachelor party and if you are planning on having a party where everyone maintains their decorum, well it’s better that you don’t organise one. Furthermore, your friends will make sure that your last few days or hours are fun, rowdy and filled with all those things that you want to do before you get married. Even if you want to have a peaceful party, it is going to be a no go.

So, “Here’s to cheers and ladies’, to beers and untold fears. Forget the sneers and enjoy your peers, don’t cry no more tears, remember your best years, and wear a cup if she likes to go for your nads.”


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    The first thing that you have to do to organise a bachelor party is to make a guest list. Make sure that you do not forget anyone important as it might be offensive. However, if it is your friend who is getting married, please keep him in the loop so that you don’t invite someone he had a bad history with.

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    It would be better that you organise a party in form of a road trip like they did in Hangover 1. Those four guys planned on a trip to Las Vegas where they found out that they never had it in them to handle the ultimate Sin City. The groom-to-be was lost somewhere after one of the guys tricked all his friends into a dose of a drug that made them forget about all those things they did the other night.

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    Make sure that one of your friends has a lot of cash on him because there are times when bachelor parties have gone all wrong and people are left stranded somewhere distant moments before their wedding.

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    Even if he is sober most of the time, your friend who is getting married should be forced to get drunk with all of you guys. Keep ordering extra shots if you feel that you are not getting the right ‘party buzz’.

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    Remember one thing! If you are celebrating the party in Vegas, there is one important rule that all should know. “Whatever that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. So whatever you guys do during your trip, make sure that you forget all about it after your friend gets married. Some secrets should remain secrets and you should keep it that way.

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