National Pecan Day Overview

National Pecan Day is celebrated on each April 14. It does not matter how you pronounce it, either “pee CAWNS” or “PEE cans,” many of us have a love affair with these unique nuts. Many people love pecans and celebrate the National Pecan Day with great pomp and show. This interesting day is to celebrate and enjoy the well-known and tasty pecans. Pecans are actually smooth brown nuts with edible seeds that are more or less like walnuts. They are obtained from Hickory tree known as Caryaillinoensis that is native to North America. Pecans are consumed in several interesting way and many pecan recipes are available which are quite simple and easy to make. You can also toast them in order to bring out the nut’s essence.


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    The word “Pecan”

    The word “pecan” is basically a native American word of the Algonquin origin that was actually used to explain “all nuts needing a stone to burst.”

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    Origin of Pecan Day

    The exact history behind the National Pecan Day is not yet known. However, this amazing day can be traced back to the 16th century, when pecan trees were considered as major nut trees that grew and flourished commonly in the North of America.

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    Why are pecans gaining popularity around the world

    Pecans are gaining popularity around the world and New Orleans is known for the marketing of pecans. In addition to its interesting features, pecans were also all time favorites of the US president Thomas Jefferson - making it another reason for the pecans’ popularity.

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    Pecans and Your Health

    Aside being one of the daintiest, classic, and highly tempting tasting nuts that you can put on your plate, these amazing pecans offer a variety of health benefits. Pecans are effective for blood pressure, breast cancer, heart problems, prostate health, and weight control.

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    Celebrate National Pecan Day

    Celebrate the National Pecan Day with your loved ones in order to make it one of the memorable days of your life. Check out how to celebrate National Pecan Day.

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