How to Celebrate Easter Monday Holiday

Monday in general is considered as the first working day of the week in most parts of the world with exception of a few middle-eastern countries. There would hardly be anyone who would willingly get out of the bed on Monday to go at work. If for some reasons Monday is a holiday then there could be no other news better than this. Some countries can possibly have a national or public holiday falling on Monday but the Easter Monday is certainly the one that is observed as holiday in many Christian cultures. Since this day is preceded by the Easter Day or Easter Sunday so there are many celebrations associated with it. Somehow, these celebrations differ from one country to another depending upon the observance of this day.


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    General Overview

    The Easter Monday virtually brings an end to the long Easter celebrations. For this reason, it is often observed as rest day and people usually like getting up late. In many countries it is observed as a Public holiday while in some European countries like U.K, Wales and Northern Ireland it is known to be a Bank holiday. You can visit a friend, relative, public or picnic spot on this day with family but it is better not to engage yourself in any activity that lasts till late night if you have next day as working.

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    Celebrations in United Kingdom

    In U.K the Easter Monday is looked upon as the last day of the four-day long weekend. For this reason, some people who have come from other cities to meet family and friends travel back on this very day. If you do not have to travel on this day there are a few joys you can associate with this day. You can participate in the Egg Rolling and baronet parades with your family so as to welcome the spring season. Besides, you can go and watch the famous bottle kicking match in which two teams fight for three small wooden beer barrels.

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    Celebrations in United States & Canada

    Unlike United Kingdom, the Easter Monday is not a federal holiday and is very much similar to other Mondays. However, it definitely has some joy for kids because in some cities the schools remain closed. Hence, if you happen to be a school student then you can certainly engage yourself in a number of joyful activities. If you are in Washington DC, then it is good to visit the White House and participate in “White House Easter Egg Roll” with the President.

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    Celebrations in Australia
    Easter Monday in Australia is mostly spent with family or friends and involves activities like sports, music festivals, carnivals, horse races and major football fixtures. In Australia, Easter Monday is a public holiday nationwide; businesses, educational institutions etc remain closed. However, some small outlets may remain opened for short trading hours.

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    Celebrations Worldwide
    Since, Christian communities are based in almost every country and all of them have variations in traditions, so there may be a slight changes in the celebrations, but the core concept remains same. The holiday is mostly spent for fun and rest!

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