5 Worst Military Decisions Ever Made

There have been good soldiers and bad soldiers; good armies and bad armies; and good leaders and bad leaders. When it comes down to military decisions, people do tend to make silly mistakes which cost them a lot. For instance, there were several leaders who decided to keep the fight alive during World War II. It did not really go in their favour. Japan was fighting tremendously throughout the time, but the nuclear attack by the US simply changed everything for them.

Here are the worst military decisions which have been taken in the history of the world. Scroll down and you will be shocked to see that even military leaders can tend make mistakes which cost them the whole war.


  • 1

    The Alamo (1836)

    Mexican General Santa Anna went all the way to Texas in order to squash a rebellion but on his way he decided to make a stop at the place called Alamo so he can teach them a lesson there as well. It’s true that he won the battle of Alamo, but eventually he lost the war since the troops in Texas easily assembled for the war. This is why the Republic of Texas was born.

  • 2

    Soviet’s Invasion of Afghanistan (1979)

    Soviets entered Afghanistan in order to defeat the Islamic forces backed by the US, known as the Mujahideen. The terrain was so difficult to fight on that Russians couldn’t really accomplish much. After fighting for 10 long years, they had to withdraw their forces from Afghanistan without accomplishing anything.

  • 3

    Vietnam War (1955-1976)

    Throughout the time there was war between North Vietnam and South Vietnam, the US and its allies were constantly trying to take over the country. However, they ended up defeated as they had to back their armies up. Millions of lives were lost and there was absolutely no final conclusion.

  • 4

    Operation Barbarossa (1939-1945)

    This took place in World War II as Hitler decided to split his army into two so that he can take on the Soviet Union. His army were not only eventually defeated; in fact, this particular operation was the deadliest and bloodiest of the fights.

  • 5

    Battle of Somme (1914-1918)

    This took place during of World War I. Field Marshal Douglas Haig of the British Forces was criticized for not being able to handle the battlefield. After fighting the German forces for three days, 630,000 of his men lost their lives.

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