How to Throw a Book Release Party

A book release party is the best way to introduce yourself in front of many different people, including writers, journalists, publishers and other important personalities from literary circles. Getting others to acknowledge your book and witness your talent can go a long way towards improving your career. Follow these simple guidelines, which will help you throw a book release party that is sure to be the talk of the town.

Things Required:

– Books
– Invitations
– Catering
– Venue
– Balloons
– Posters
– Signs
– Television


  • 1

    Choose location

    First decide where you want to have your book release party. Consider whether you want your party open for everyone or invitation only. You also need to keep the theme of your book in mind and try to book a venue accordingly. You can use community centres, your local library, hotel conference rooms, warehouses and bookshops as places to hold a book release party.

  • 2

    Choose theme

    You will want to decide on the theme for your book release party. It is a good idea to follow the theme from your book for the party. You can have the staff dressed in the same period clothing as the book and keep the theme going throughout the party.

  • 3

    Send invitations

    Make a guest list and send out invitations well in advance. You can make the invitations in the same theme as the book you have written. Make sure to clearly state the time, venue, theme and any other instructions to help your guests arrive at your book release party.

  • 4

    Choose catering

    Once you have finalized the guest list and sent the invitations, pick a decent caterer that can handle all of the food and beverages for your party. Make sure they provide complete service with staff, tables, supplies and other important items. Try to get a package deal for the evening, that will include tasty snack items and drinks. Be sure to try different food items in advance and select the appropriate menu.

  • 5


    You can easily put balloons, posters and signs up around the venue to give your book release party an interesting look or feel. Keep all items in the same theme as the book. You can also create a clever book trailer and show it on a television at the book release party.

  • 6

    Give out books

    Make sure to have plenty of copies of your book to give out to guests so that they can take it home. This is a great marketing tool as they will spread the word and hopefully your book will become a success.

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