National Stress Awareness Day Overview

After the routine morning argument with her, you have reached your work place driving through the busy roads. As always, there are a lot of tasks you have to do plus those that were left incomplete on the previous day. Before you even decide to get started with your work, there is a call from your boss that intends to hand you over a few more tasks. Now with so many things to do at a time you would certainly be under a lot of stress. If you are going through the same situation today, then there is something for you to perhaps cheer about. This is because today, the 16th of April, is known as National Stress Awareness Day. For those who do not know much about this day perhaps now is the right time.


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    Background of National Stress Awareness Day

    There will be many who will be surprised to know that the 16th of April is observed as National Stress Awareness Day in the United States. It was not until 1992 when the Health Resource Network (HRN) declared this day to be observed so as to create awareness of stress within people, as well as the causes and cures of stress. It is worth-mentioning here that in countries like the UK, the National Stress Awareness Day is celebrated on 2nd of November. Besides, the day falls one day before the income tax day.

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    Importance of Observance

    Whether you are a student in school, college, university or perhaps working somewhere, it is understandable that you could be under some pressure or stress. There can be a number of reasons behind stress which are often beyond your control. However, the purpose of observing the National Stress Awareness Day or NSAD is to understand the fact that life is full of stress but there is always a way to handle it.

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    Celebrating National Stress Awareness Day

    Like many other days, the National Stress Awareness Day can involve a few celebrations. As a worker, you can identify the reasons causing stress and come up with solutions for minimizing them. For more information, kindly go through Step by Step How to Celebrate National Stress Awareness Day.

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