Cuckoo Day Overview

Just when the winters become too dragging, comes a sweet little bird to rescue us all from the biting cold. The Cuckoo bird signifies the arrival of spring when everything starts budding and sprouting. The bird brings with itself news of warmer weather to the delight of everyone tired of long winters. In some parts of the world, Cuckoo is lovingly called ‘’The merry cuckoo, messenger of spring’’. Cuckoos chirping with plants coming to life and fruits ripening on the trees is the best sight a nature lover can behold.


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    History of the Cuckoo Day:

    The origins of some traditions are obscure but they continue to be a part of our lives and please us with their lovely themes.There is doubt as to why and when the connection between Cuckoo and spring was established. However, everyone agrees that Cuckoo is surely one of the earlier signals of spring starting in April and ending in June. There is no exact Cuckoo Day as the arrival of the bird is different in most regions. However, April 14th seems to be the most famous of the dates. It is also known as the '1st Cuckoo Day'.

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    Importance of Cuckoo Day:

    The Cuckoo day is a start of many things. It is when the trees decide to dress up for a fancy dress show and the flowers start acting as vibrant cheerleaders. For humans, it strengthens their belief that every autumn leads to a spring just as any sorrow is followed by an unexpected joy. It is a message from the heavens for us to celebrate even the smallest of feats and events, be it the arrival of a Cuckoo bird. This change in surroundings and weather instills in us a desire and energy to look over our lives and make minor improvements where ever possible.

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    Celebrating Cuckoo Day:

    Spring festivals and fairs are organized to celebrate the day. There are also some rituals performed in different parts of the country. In Marsden, there is a legend that the ancestors used to build walls around  cuckoo nests to prolong their stay while in Heathfield tales, an old women releases a cuckoo from her basket who goes off to buy a 'warm coat' for England. Look out for cuckoo festivals around you when April starts. They are merry events with local food and dances and you feel closer to nature, away from all the hassle of our modern, never stopping lives.

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