International No Housework Day

Unknown to many of you, April 7 is a “No Housework Day.” It is celebrated every year with great pomp and show. This interesting day is also known as the “National No Housework Day” and “International No Housework Day.” As the name indicates, it is among the most wonderful “holidays” to have! No Housework Day is actually your golden chance to do anything you want, except the boring and tiring HOUSEWORK. Do not forget to mark this special day off on your calendar and to do some pre-planning in order to make it one of the memorable days of your life.


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    What is housework, exactly?

    Housework is all about the management of your home sweet home, overseeing the endless and repetitive day-to-day home activities. It is also referred to as housekeeping or household management. It includes cleaning dirty dishes, dusting, making the beds, washing piles of laundry, sweeping, ironing, dusting, gardening, vacuuming, folding clean clothes, mopping etc.

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    Origin of No Housework Day

    It is not known who started No Housework day, or when it was first celebrated. However, genius was him/her who first celebrated this day, hats off to him or her! What we can imagine is that this unique day was probably started by an over-worked woman who was tired of her daily chores. Additionally, maybe she had been more than likely taken for granted, and just raised her arms up in the air, announcing rather loudly, “Aarrgghh! I am tired, I seriously need a break and I declare this day, April 7, to henceforth be a No Housework Day!”

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    Who else will do the chores for a day?

    There is no need to get into the household activities on April 7 as it is all about you. Come on, it is a rest day to acknowledge your contribution in daily household activities. No doubt, someone has to be there in order to perform the daily tasks; therefore, what you can do is lock your house, and spend a day out with your family. Have breakfast, lunch and dinner in good restaurants, watch a movie and  go to beautiful parks.

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    Advantages of No Housework Day

    There are many advantages of No Housework Day like:

    It provides you an opportunity to get rid of the boring household activities for 24 hours.

    It provides you an opportunity to spend time with your family, friends, or colleagues.

    You can get appreciation of how much work it takes to keep up the house.

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    Disadvantages of No Housework Day

    No one can ignore the fact that there are pros and cons of every event and same is the case with No Housework Day.

    You will find a very messy house at the day end, with clothes spread around, sink filled with dirty dishes etc.

    Although it will be a fun day for you but  a very tough one for your dependent family members.

    It will be an expensive day for you, as you will be going out with family to kill your time or order things from outside in order to satisfy your hungry tummy.

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    Let others know about No Housework Day

    Many people are yet not aware of No Housework Day. You can create awareness about this special day by uploading your status about No Housework Day on social networks like facebook, twitter etc; through SMS, emails, words of mouth (Verbal marketing), sending cards etc.

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    Celebrate No Housework Day

    No Housework Day is a perfect excuse to get rid of daily household activities and to spend a wonderful day with your family, friends, or colleagues. April 7 is your day and if you want to make it a memorable one, then do not forget to make special arrangements to celebrate No Housework Day.

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