How to Celebrate Look Alike Day

If you think that you resemble any famous celebrity then 20 April definitely has something for you. There is always a chance that if you happen to resemble someone, famous or non-famous, others often point it out. Unless it happens to be someone you extremely dislike, chances are that you enjoy when are being resembled with someone famous or good-looking. If there is anyone as such who is famous and resembles you then try to make yourself look like him or her on the National Look Alike Day. This may possibly require some kind of artistic work from your part. Hence, if someone points it out that you resemble someone then simply say that it is Look Alike Day and you are celebrating it.


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    Who do you look like?

    In order to celebrate Look Alike Day, the very first thing you can do is, just try to find out if by any chance you resemble someone. That can be a famous showbiz or sports celebrity. All what you need to do is, check out the celebrity pictures online and try to find out if anyone has some resemblance with you. This task may become easier if you have this thing already figured out.

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    Give yourself the same makeover

    Once you have figured out the personality you resemble, the next task is to give yourself the same makeover. You need not to necessarily visit a professional make-up artist for this purpose and can always try everything at home. At least what you can do is, try to make the same hairstyle and dress very much the same.

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    The Body Gestures

    Sometimes copying body gestures of someone you want to look like can well and truly do the job for you. If you want to look like someone but do not have the similar appearance then try copying some of his or her body gestures. For this purpose, you closely watch their TV program or movie and practice.

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    Get the Opinion of Others

    Before you expect someone to point you out for any possible resemblance, it is good that you take opinion from someone close to you. This will confirm that to what extent you have changed yourself in order to look like your desired personality.

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    Make the others speak

    Instead of asking others that you look like someone, let him or her point out by themselves. Try to do something that triggers comments from others about your resemblance with the specific famous personality.

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